Aug. 25th, 2005

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The extremely talented and generous [ profile] womblyfriend volunteered her comic-making skills as part of an auction to raise money for a bunch of LT fans who are doing the the Race for the cure. I was the lucky winner of her talents, and she made incredible, wonderful illustrated pages like this one, to go along with DNR, the Stabler/Beecher crossover fic I posted here.

More behind the cut ) Big, big thanks to Wombly for the care and imagination and attention she put into the pages. I love the way she used the perfect images from Oz and SVU to convey the moment. There are some wonderful details in there - I've told her my favorites (and no, they aren't ALL on Page 2), but I'd love to see what you guys pick out. Mostly, I am just thrilled to see such a wonderful illustration with my words as part of it.

Also, thanks to [ profile] fanfromfla and [ profile] cheights for the screencaps Wombly utilized to create the pages. Edited to add special thanks to [ profile] maverick4oz for running the auction and to [ profile] fanfromfla for being the money woman. And to everyone doing the actual Walk.

I guess I have to finish the story now, huh?

DNR page 1 DNR page 1


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