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Not being in on the Harry Potter mania is a little strange - it's like everyone around me is part of a big celebration, but I'm not playing. I can participate, sort of, e.g., ordering the books so my niece and nephew got it first thing today, but mostly, it's not my party. Maybe it's like being Jewish at Christmas time? After weeks of buildup, if not months, the day's finally arrived. While I can do whatever I want with my weekend, all the Harrians are stuck at home, with their traditions and rituals. Some folks will rush through the festivities; others will stretch them out. Some will be disappointed; some exhilarated. Others will just be drunk :) And I'll be going to the movies and eating Chinese food!

Or maybe it's like being in France while the Tour de France is on. It's all anyone can talk about, but you don't know a stage from a Hogwart. Even though it's been all over the news/cultural landscape for weeks/years, all you know is that yellow jerseys are good and Voldemort is bad. And despite the nagging feeling that you should perhaps investigate further, you're actually pretty happy in your bicycling and Pottering ignorance.

Finally getting around to the Dork meme )

In the spirit of [livejournal.com profile] slammerkinbabe, Queen of the LJ poll, I'm thinking of doing a "What the hell should I try to write?" poll. I have at least 10 different ideas of Oz and/or SVU fics, and every night, I think about finishing one of them. But I end up surfing around, reading other fics and mocking or praising them. Or procrastinating on giving proper feedback for them. I think really I should just be a story developer/script doctor. I'm great with the ideas, and I can polish a script or a fic quite well. But the actual writing? Notsomuch for me. But I would like to do more of it. I'm just too easily distracted. So maybe if I put up a poll, I'll commit to doing one.

Or, you know, I'll just procrastinate on that one thing, instead of all of them. Sigh...
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It's been an evening of Revelations )
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[livejournal.com profile] theholyinnocent has written a wonderful Elliot-POV ficlet, The House of Venti. It's smart, funny and poignant. And it makes you long for the good old days of the Benson/Stabler patnership. If I had Dick Wolf's email address, I'd send him this link. (And probably a lot of profanity-laced ranting, as well. Which would be why I don't have that address!)

Oh, and she wrote it for me. Well, I think she had it planned, so I can't take full responsibility. But she said it was for me. And I can't thank her enough. I needed new, good Stabler fic. And thi never disappoints. Thanks again for the great birthday present.

I think I owe a lot of people feedback and comments - sorry I've been a slacker lately. If I get over an apparent bout of food poisoning, I hope to get to some of it tonight.

Finally - belated birthday wishes to [livejournal.com profile] aivilo_18. Sorry I missed the big day!
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lonejaguar for posting the AFI Top 100 American Movies )

Tagging whoever wants to do it, plus [livejournal.com profile] caliban22170, because she's a meme-y.


May. 31st, 2005 04:47 pm
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Movie meme ahead )

I need to go to the movies more...

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That OZ meme made me think of this song )

Oz stuff

May. 26th, 2005 01:55 pm
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In my illiterate-ness (ooh - another word that is what it says!), I am ignoring the book meme and instead, reposting the meme )

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Umm - does anyone know if these Kink/Cliche stories have word limits? Mine seems to be on the long side - and it's mostly not sex. Is that wrong? And why am I asking when most people have already posted theirs? And when will I finish so I can go read? [/whine]
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And if so, could you e-mail it to me?

I can't believe it. When I signed up for this challenge, May 23 seemed so far way, I figured there was no way I wouldn't have it done. Now all of a sudden, the date is nigh and I feel like I'm back in reading period with a paper due tomorrow and an all-nighter ahead of me. And I am NOT 21 anymore...

If only I didn't get so distracted by the sudden influx of good A/E fics, like this. Or those CM pics from "Tango" magazine. Or the fact that at 10:00, I have to watch the season premiere of QAF.

Sigh. Fandom is hard.
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Happy Birthday, and better days ahead (and back!), I hope, to [livejournal.com profile] visionofblue.

Now...Repetitive redundancies - the internetS and fandom are weird... )

ETA: This is the poster's somewhat chastened response to [profile] idledandy's gallant defense. Seems I'm not obsessive, just repetitive.

In that spirit, I'll repeat: Pot. Kettle.

We're done here.


May. 10th, 2005 03:24 pm
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So - I wrote this right after Ghost aired. And I know it ignores the Olivia scene and what is now accepted to be O/A canon. But I don't care. We all have our OTP. And it's my birthday, so I can post if I want to.

I should note this is just a brief little work in never-to-be-completed progress.

Oh, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] idledandy for the shamelessly stolen icon. I'll give it back, I promise, but I needed one for this post.

Justice denied )
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I finally had to take my poor Powerbook to the "Geniusbar" at the Apple store. (That moniker almost makes me want to go out and by a PC. Almost.) Sadly, none of the self-proclaimed Einsteins could fix the damned thing, so they had to send it away. I won't get it back for five-seven days, and I'm already a mess. Using my old iMac is like going back in time, to a very slow, painful time. So if I'm scarce over the next week, blame Steve Jobs.

Maybe this will give me time to actually write something for that Kinks and Cliche challenge. And catch up on some feedback!
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I think I might have found the most horrifying line ever written in an SVU fic. I know, I know - it's a very crowded category. But does it get worse than Olivia's musing:

I could stay like this forever, just me and Elliot, listening to Kenny G.
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I have the place to myself this weekend and was all set to ignore the big mess of clothes and paper that has taken over my room and instead gorge on Oz and SVU DVDs and videos, hoping for the muses to return. But fate had other, mean and mocking plans. My Powerbook, which I should have taken in to be fixed months ago, has decided to commit pom-suicide, knowing that it's the only way I'll ever give it up. The screen is almost completely detached and now, all the area on the screen that should be in white is blue. A lovely shade of blue, but one that makes reading the print quite difficult. Okay, screw the computer - I'll just watch movies and Meloni. Noooo, says my DVD-VCR combo which suddenly, on Friday, decided not to display any picture.

Final insult - I had all this work to do, much of which involves reading lines on a spreadsheet. Line after monotonous line of black print on a blue background. Or gray, if you highlight it. I thought I might lose my mind.

On the upside, it was beautiful outside, where there was no technology needed to enjoy a lovely Sunday in the park. And once I got home, I decided to try the DVD drive on my computer. After it rejected "Closer" about 100 times (and maybe I should have taken that as a sign), it finally played. And the detached screen led to all these lovely, weird distortions of colors. It was as if the actors were animated LJ icons. Since the writing in the movie was pretty much the shallow pretending to be deep, I didn't mind focusing on the pretty. Jude Law and Clive Owen - yum.

Tomorrow, I decide whether to buy a new Powerbook or try to fix this one. For tonight, it's the L Word and some SVU repeats. Unless, you know, my television decides to join the technology strike.
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Because I never post anything, and I always want to do these memes. Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] kitestringer:

1. Choose five of your all time favorite books.
2. Take the first sentence of the first chapter and make a list in your journal.
3. Don't reveal the author or the title of the book.
4. Now everyone try and guess.

I'm even stealing her warning - all of these are not fiction )
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I have been dying to see a candid pic of Christopher Meloni and Stephanie March. And I've finally found some. Though the pics aren't new (they are from the party for SVU's 100th episode), I've never seen them before.

There are a bunch of other CM pics I've never seen, as well, including a very young CM and not-Sherman, and these great ones of CM and the Mrs. and Belzer, CM and Brooke Shields, of all people.

I think I'm still on a Stabler/Meloni high after last night's intense episode. And now all these fun pics - do I really have to be at work?!
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...run to your TVs. So far, we've seen him in a suit, in sunglasses, in sleeveless NYPD tee, pumping iron. And shirtless!
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This is the kind of SVU fic that just makes me want to scream. When the author first began the story, I e-mailed her about my concerns that Elliot was so completely out of character. She disagreed, and continued to write, and continued to get praise. And when I read stuff like this, and see that other readers applaud it, and then I think about the Pot Weasels writing for SVU these days and remember certain spoilers, I start to worry that this is the kind of thing they'll reduce Elliot to on the show:

Warning! Drek - and SVU spoilers - ahead )
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