Oct. 31st, 2007

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First off, thanks so much to all of you guys for the warm welcome back! Now for the sap.

There was a victory parade in Boston today for the Red Sox. It didn't pack the emotional punch of the 2004 celebration, but it was still quite a spectacle.

As some of you might know, my mother died six years ago, around this date. She was a huge Red Sox fan, but sadly never got to see them win it all. So for me, and many, many other people, 2004 was all about the ones who weren't there to celebrate.

Cut to 2007, and here we are again. As I said, the series and the win didn't have the same effect on me as 2004. Until I was on the T yesterday and saw this headline:

I got all choked up, remembering my mother and realizing how lucky we are as sports fans here in Boston to see a repeat of something many of us never thought we'd see once.

So here's to the Red Sox. And to my mother and father. And to Caroline (who did at least get to see them win it once).


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