Jun. 13th, 2006

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It's been a while since I've posted an embarrassing food incident. This one is not as amusing, or humiliating, as the The Purloined Lunch. But I know a few folks on my f-list are feeling down or having a tough time. And what better medicine than to laugh at a fellow LJer?

So, last week, my boss left. Sad for our department, and especially for another colleague (Z) and me. The three of us have worked at the company almost from its inception; Z was employee number 5. My boss and I started the same week and argued over who was 6 and who was 7.

Almost six years later, we have become a pretty good team. My boss isn't leaving the company, but she is moving away, so we will get a new head of our department. And we'll miss the boss - she was cool and caring and mostly laissez-faire. Despite our bitterness that she's leaving us vulnerable to a NewBadBoss, Z and I thought the old team should go out for one last lunch.

So off we go to a Mexican restaurant. Back when our company had 10 people and not 60, we'd go to this place. Except it was a Chinese restaurant then. Now it's cuisine de Mexique, but it's all good. I order a yummy shrimp dish, and when it arrives, it comes with tortillas.

I wasn't expecting tortillas. there was no mention of them in the menu description of my meal. But hey, who am I to turn them down. The problem was that I kept saying, "Ooh, pancakes," knowing that wasn't the right word. It was as if I thought I'd ordered Moo Shi/Shu shrimp.

All through the meal, everytime I mentioned the tortillas, I said pancakes. And it was driving me crazy that I couldn't think of the right word. But I didn't just say, "You know what I mean..." and have one of my learned colleagues supply the noun for me.

Then, like a bright light out of nowhere (i.e., my brain), I remembered the word. And apropos of nothing that was being said, as we were waiting for the check, I blurted out "TORTILLAS!"

My boss looked a little happier to be leaving and Z, a little sadder to be staying. I was just mortified that it had taken me over an hour to think of the most basic Mexican/Spanish foodstuff. And, oh, yeah, that I had then shouted it out in the middle of the restaurant.

But hey, at least I didn't steal anything from anyone!

Back later with weeks' worth of pet peeves and pointless observations. Hope all is well out there. I have been reading, even if I've been a bad responder/ent.


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