Sep. 5th, 2005

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Yes, it's a Monday holiday and i'm up earlier than on a working Monday. Well, technically, I still haven't gone to sleep, so that's celebratory, I guess. I'm watching the USA SVU marathon, which is chock-full of episodes from the Glory Days. Season Three goodness - lean, not-always-mean Stabler, unwinged Benson and be-spectacled Cabot.

Speaking of the HToL, I think [ profile] slammerkinbabe was going to try to organize a ficathon for hurricane relief. So I can finally procure [ profile] theholyinnocent's services legally. Or, you know, at least for a good cause. There is already a community doing this: [ profile] fandom_charity, but there aren't any SVU (or Oz) volunteers that I can see. If anyone knows the authors of "Fide et Amour" (unfinished SVU classic) or "Nine Tenths of the Law" (unfinished Oz masterpiece), I'll pay big bucks for those to be done. For the victims, people, for the victims!

Random marathon observations:
Episode 1 - Sacrifice (Saved by the Bell star does gay porn):
What's the deal with that odd moment where Fin goes all T!I!P! on Olivia in the squadroom. Olivia even asks what's up, but no one explains. And then it's just dropped. I hate it when they do shit like that. (I've been up all night, my vocabulary isn't at its best.)

I never noticed before, but when Stabler is offering theories as to why Mark Paul Saved-by-the-Bell was attacked, he says, "Jealous gay co-star, maybe?" while looking at BD Wong/Huang. Hee!

Is it wrong to love the moment when Stabler "frisks" Mark-Paul SBTB and slams him against the wall?

Oh, and though it will never be counted in his favor, I will note that Stabler is exceedingly sensitive to the gay cop at the beginning and never shows any repulsion or disgust for either the gay porn being discussed or the ex-teen-stud doing it.

Episode Two - Repression (Amy Irving's family is fucked):
Ah, those early seeds of St. Oliska. Benson annoyingly and unperceptively snaps when Elliot mentions the daughter has a history of making up stories, then snaps again at the bar when the guys are bemoaning said lying daughter's messing up their case. Thank god Olivia's on the squad, to remind them that the daughter might be a rape/incest victim. The other three just think she's a lying whore!

Despite the nascent martyrdom of Olivia, Arbiter of Victimhood, the Stabler/Benson partnership is running like the smooth, sexy machine it should be. Sigh - the good old days.

Because Amy Irving is so distracting in this episode, I always forget how depressing the denouement is.

The black leather jacket. MH should be forced to wear it in every episode.

Ha - they all look like crap at the end. Cragen, Cabot, Benson and Stabler all look so guilty and shamed. It's very rare for all of them to be deflated. I swear, Alex looked like she was about to let loose some pretty crying.

More episode 'insight' behind the cut )
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The six words that launched a thousand fanfics. Or, at least the beginning of one. I wish it had spawned more.

I had to post my Episode 11 - Monogamy (Elliot opens up; Olivia shuts him down) thoughts separately )

ETA: Just so you know, I did actually leave the marathon, er, house, today. I actually sat at the beach and read something non-fandom-related. An actual book, I tell you! And I didn't even melt.


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