Jul. 17th, 2005

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Not being in on the Harry Potter mania is a little strange - it's like everyone around me is part of a big celebration, but I'm not playing. I can participate, sort of, e.g., ordering the books so my niece and nephew got it first thing today, but mostly, it's not my party. Maybe it's like being Jewish at Christmas time? After weeks of buildup, if not months, the day's finally arrived. While I can do whatever I want with my weekend, all the Harrians are stuck at home, with their traditions and rituals. Some folks will rush through the festivities; others will stretch them out. Some will be disappointed; some exhilarated. Others will just be drunk :) And I'll be going to the movies and eating Chinese food!

Or maybe it's like being in France while the Tour de France is on. It's all anyone can talk about, but you don't know a stage from a Hogwart. Even though it's been all over the news/cultural landscape for weeks/years, all you know is that yellow jerseys are good and Voldemort is bad. And despite the nagging feeling that you should perhaps investigate further, you're actually pretty happy in your bicycling and Pottering ignorance.

Finally getting around to the Dork meme )

In the spirit of [livejournal.com profile] slammerkinbabe, Queen of the LJ poll, I'm thinking of doing a "What the hell should I try to write?" poll. I have at least 10 different ideas of Oz and/or SVU fics, and every night, I think about finishing one of them. But I end up surfing around, reading other fics and mocking or praising them. Or procrastinating on giving proper feedback for them. I think really I should just be a story developer/script doctor. I'm great with the ideas, and I can polish a script or a fic quite well. But the actual writing? Notsomuch for me. But I would like to do more of it. I'm just too easily distracted. So maybe if I put up a poll, I'll commit to doing one.

Or, you know, I'll just procrastinate on that one thing, instead of all of them. Sigh...


Jul. 17th, 2005 05:10 pm
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I've always wanted to do a gratuitous icon post, and here it is! Yay, me. And yay, [livejournal.com profile] lostingeekdom for making this kickass (hee) "I don't need a fucking Emmy" icon for CM. I can't even tell you how bitter the Emmy nominations made me, but I'm pretty sure most of you can imagine. So instead of whining, I'll just giggle at my new icon and stare at pretty pictures like these. (Someone posted them last week on the SVUFiction boards, and I'd never seen them before, even though they are not new.) Enjoy the pretty!


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